Don't Feed Cancer

A Practical Guide To Help You Understand Cancer Via Nobel Prize-Winning Research in Order to Decrease its Ability to Survive Nutritionally, While enabling Your Health to Thrive


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Evidence-Based Information from Compassionate PhD's & MD's to Combat Cancer While Enabling Your Body to Heal

We Are A Resource Solely Motivated By Compassion & A Desire to Give You Evidence From Leading Researchers to Make your Own Decision to Combat Cancer Outside Of the Sometimes Narrowed View of Profit-Based Medicine. We Do Not Seek To Malign Any Institution, But Hope To Help Do Our Part to Disseminate & Proliferate This Groundbreaking Research To Help Further Awareness & Thus Its Benefits & Continued Research. Brilliant Minds Are Often Kept Enclosed Too Long In Contained Modes & Structures of Thought, Which Unfortunately Can Lead To Unnecessary Casualties When The Latest Breakthroughs Therefore Aren't Available To Those Who Need It Most...

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Dr. Berg Breaks Down the Science into Layperson terms with Dr. Seyfried

For the Skeptic & Curious Alike: Dr. Seyfried Explains the Origins of the Research

A Cancer Survivor Shares His Own Journey in Implementing Nutritional Therapy, Amazing His Doctors

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Dr. Dom D'Agostino Shares with TEDx Talks On His Findings

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